So you swapped your happiness for morsels of their acceptance
Washing away the beauty of your love to accommodate foolishness
My dear it’s what you allow that they will do
Yes there are demons of all nationalities/creeds not just produced in one village
But you must take time to look at you
You sold yourself for morsels of expiry date love
You traded your time and intellect for the whims and caprices of a permanently confused soul
You can blame them
Even curse them, but will it restore your joy?
Will it refund the parts of yourself that you gave away so freely?
Better yet will it return your investment?
There are demons everywhere
Not relegated to a particular gender, race or religion
But when the demons come to steal, kill and destroy gather you pitch forks, light your fires and send them back to their dusty caves.
Guard your heart above all else
As at the root of everything
We are all human
Wonderfully selfish, spectacularly self-centred
And utterly over ambitious


I can't pretend to understand 

To understand what it's like when the symphonies of war play at night

When you lay your head down at night

Praying, hoping, wishing for silence

Even that holds its horrors
I can't pretend that I understand 

I can't pretend that I know what to do

Exactly how I can help you silence the pain

For you are what seems like galaxies away

In a world where peace has no audience

Where normality is a concept, a once hopeful idea
I don't want to live in ignorance

Claiming that in some way I understand your plight, ill equip to offer a viable solution

We live in a world where we can scream at the top of our lungs yet it's only the deaf that hear us

Injustice playing out like a veiled dream

With ignorance and bliss as it's audience
I wish we could do better

I wish we could try harder

Pray harder but unfortunately the men of free will have power
Moving indiscriminately 

Destroying with little regard to their victims.

Hope, hope is so powerful

With desperation as it's companion

Leading men to do that which was once foreign to their character
Edmund Burke once said 

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 
But what happens when it is the evil that holds the power

Where the scales of justice are tipped in their favour

It is at this very time

This precise moment that we must speak in hope

Not empty words backed with empty gestures 

We must shout at the top of our lungs.

Remembering that the voice of the people with hope brought down the walls of Jericho