In the oversaturated world the unsettled mind is distracted.

Selling its heart for the remnants of joy left by others.

Instagram likes and Twitter followers are now the norm.

Substituting the real for the artificial.

Many have been swallowed by it

Deceived by a cyber world that claims lives every day.

Devoting minutes, hours, even days of irreplaceable time

Just to escape an unsettled existence.

In no way do I demonise this world.

In no way do I scold or judge those who have built an empire from the earth of the land

Yet when the unsettled and distracted minds watch and observe as kings and queens of the kingdom are crowned

The cravings start.

The overwhelming yearning/need to satisfy,

To give the masses a piece of yourself suitable for public consumption.

There is however a problem with this,

The masses will never be satisfied.

Never attaining a level of contentment with you.

We are consumers

Driven with an almost insatiable need for

Bigger, better, faster

Even with human beings.

Regardless of culture, creed, religion,

The kingdom is merciless

Ripping apart the very essence of its being.

Self is not a commodity

Self is not a thing to be sold nor manufactured for the benefit of others.

Believing such is a fallacy,

You will never be enough for them

Never reaching a “standard” that is acceptable to them.

So why try?

Why alter your soul to fit the purpose of someone else?

Why remould yourself to fit a standard when you’re born to stand out.

To all those who feel a constant pressure to be someone else

To be something else

To crave something else

Being yourself is okay

You do not owe people anything except the one that created you

You do not need to sell a piece of your soul to satisfy another human being

You do not need to alter your existence to fit another.

On Becoming

Laying awake at night thinking of the what ifs and what could
Maybe, possibly it’s likely that this wasn’t a mistake
That she didn’t waste a year, a decade, a season of life, of potential
For uncertainties
For empty promises
False declarations wrapped in sweet nothingness
Becoming a person settling for less
Settling, compromising
She’s no longer sure
The lines have become so blurred that she doesn’t recognise herself.
This once strong, powerful being
To whom settling was foreign word
An unfamiliar act