Thinking about a long forgotten time

Where dreams and visions weren’t confined to sleep

Reduced to a lullaby by life’s responsibilities

Responsibilities disguised as growth

An exponential upward movement of wealth, influence

Devoid of character

Devoid of self

Gone are the days of believing that fulfilment lies in the pursuit

A rat race with no expectation

Striving to finish the journey with a sense of self

With a semblance of recognition of the person of the past, the present and that is to come

True Grit

Living your truth

A statement so simple yet so profound

Loaded with hope and disappointment

Loaded with painful tales and endless potential

This is something I haven’t been doing

Often times we get so caught up chasing/analysing our potential instead of actually taking action

I’m no saint in this

I’ve left behind the arts and creativity of life to live in an endless cycle

A routine

Routine isn’t bad, structure isn’t destructive

But I have seen, encountered, been blessed by people who have

A truth, a vision, a hope in things yet unseen

Dreams as small as a mustard seed

Tending to it daily

Seeking to take it from a dream to reality with true grit.

From the photographers who bring art and life together

Into a symbiotic relationship which gives hope that those realities do exist

To the small business owner who doesn’t let small setbacks discourage

Lastly to the retired mother who at 55 is learning to code.

True grit, true passion and true faith shall one day lead us to a better existence.