“What is next?”

“It cannot get any worse”

Phrases that we are all too familiar with

2020 has taken from us

Stretched us to the limit

Yet still we rise

Yet still we count our blessings

A clarion call to put one foot in front of the other

Wading through the losses and the victories of this time

It is so easy to give up

To surrender to the tears of grief, the pain of heartbreak and the strife of loss

But still we rise

For living, for being, existing is victory in itself

Choosing to progress forward

Not surrendering to the heartbreak that comes with so much loss and devastation.

After the darkness soon comes light

After the night of tears come the joys of the morning

No one said it would be easy

Wishing away this time, uncertain of what’s next is a false comfort

But learning, seeking, and creating peace in the storm is my aim

So that when the losses come and storms rage  

When the yoke is heavy

I will not be buried, I will not be consumed,

Nor will I bend or break.


©A Tama

Published by Peju-Anike

This site is a small collection of my thoughts, experiences & inspirations. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my musings. Your thoughts, ideas and interpretations are always welcome. Love Peju-Anike

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