Art By Igor Stevanovic

I desire so much for you my queen

I desire to see you grow

To see you prosper

To see you bring forth with an inexplicable joy

I desire justice for you

I desire forgiveness from you

God saw it fit to birth me from your waters

God saw it fit to weave you into the very fabric of my DNA

Yet I looked back at you in shame,

Yet I sought to forget you

I aborted you from my spirit

Not knowing you may not be the sum of my parts but you are a fraction of them still

I could blame the blood thirsty leeches that control your wealth, control your resources

Would I be wrong? I couldn’t be wrong

I could blame the holy men who have defiled the words of the one, who created you for gain,

Would I be wrong? I wouldn’t be wrong

But I am also blemished

Blissfully ignorant of my own ills

I cannot wash away the rich brown tones that your sun has bestowed upon my skin

I cannot free my conscience because you are part of me

Like a mother to a child

So I will fall on my knees

I will lift up my eyes

I will not be silent

For one day

I too wish not to mourn over my sisters, not to mourn over our brothers

But to raise a song of glad tidings

For peace to someday come