It’s like you’ve shown me a new way to live

Like your very presence in my existence

Is a confirmation of Gods persistence

Nay insistence on my happiness
He saw a missing piece in me

An unfinished puzzle

Requiring a piece not rendered nor created by any man
I’m insistent on being careful with you

That I don’t lose myself

Wrapped up in, tied up and tangled up in you
You are this illusion, this imperfect being

Thrown together by him alone
It’s only in my walk with you, with him

That I’ve encountered a version of my self

An idea of myself that


I don’t know what to describe her

Published by Peju-Anike

This site is a small collection of my thoughts, experiences & inspirations. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my musings. Your thoughts, ideas and interpretations are always welcome. Love Peju-Anike

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