Relationship Goals: Part 2

It’s natural, almost simpler to paint tapestries and compose symphonies about the mundanity and sadness of life.

About the beauty that lies within the hard times and the rainbow that emerges from rivers of tears shed.

But with him
With her

It seems You’ve found a happy place
It seems You’ve connected with a being
A life force that brings forth a joy saturated in love.

Granted things aren’t, nay they won’t be perfect
Nor picturesque
But there is beauty in that imperfection.

In the imperfectly perfect human being who pushes you to be the best
Who celebrates your accomplishments and is not emasculated by them.

The imperfectly perfect relationship that doesn’t push you to bend or break to conform to the whims and caprices of this world.

It’s been a rollercoaster, but it’s worth the ride.

Published by Peju-Anike

This site is a small collection of my thoughts, experiences & inspirations. I hope you are inspired and encouraged by my musings. Your thoughts, ideas and interpretations are always welcome. Love Peju-Anike

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